My setup for the Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B and firmware for pro B and C

For any one looking for easy firmware setups



My name is George Robles. I have been posting videos on YouTube about My Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B ( which I bought from Geeetech directly. I have been learning as I go but, I’m first going to do a little rambling so you know a little about me. i have extensive training in many fields (audio/ video service tech when I was in seventh grade, CNC machine operator at 18 and became a service tech for all machinery in the facility, at 21 I was back in school for airframe/(31 )powerplant tech. And keep going back for more in other fields, currently doing rv refrigerator refurbishing and 3d printing and any cars that crossed my paths) as well as the ability to understand anything mechanical, “how a machine works” is a fun puzzle to figure out, and will lead me to sometimes taking apart something I just bought…

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3 thoughts on “My setup for the Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B and firmware for pro B and C

  1. Hi George, I’ve been using a Prusa i3 Pro B for a while and am in the process of converting it to dual extruder as it has the GT2560 Rev A board. My question is will the Pro C setup you have listed work with this.



    1. Can use any. Firmware is able to run multiple boards. If you use my firmware, will need to enable the second extruder temp. Sensor for the second head. Will need to use Arduino ide or c++ to edit firmware. Open the ino file listed as Georges setup or pro x or pro b, it depends which firmware, but just look for the ino file, open it and go to the tab for configuration.h, and go through it, you will see where to add the temp sensor, Then lower on the same tab, will need to adjust the “define __ axis motor direction. Make sure it’s spinning both extruder the corner direction. Most are setup as opposite ends with one motor as CCW and the other as CW. It depends which sits where and etc.


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