Month: November 2015

Geeetech GT2560 & – Firmwares and my experience.

First off the same intro,

Hello, My name is George Robles. I have been posting videos on YouTube about My Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B ( which I bought from Geeetech directly. I have been learning as I go but, I’m first going to do a little rambling so you know a little about me. i have extensive training in many fields (audio/ video service tech when I was in seventh grade, CNC machine operator at 18 and became a service tech for all machinery in the facility, at 21 I was back in school for airframe/(31 )powerplant tech. And keep going back for more in other fields, currently doing rv refrigerator refurbishing and 3d printing and any cars that crossed my paths) as well as the ability to understand anything mechanical, “how a machine works” is a fun puzzle to figure out, and will lead me to sometimes taking apart something I just bought (usually only if i don’t buy the the extended warranty) just to see how it works and see if I’m right or wrong about how it works and learn about it. i can learn just about anything from just watching another person, and become almost an expert if i’m allowed to ask questions. Yes, i know that sounds a little big headed but if you knew me in person you would understand. most of the people who know me know of my skills, i will stop by to visit a friends house and to open the gate was hard so, i just took ten seconds to bend a bar back in place and put it in the correct position. i do a lot of electrical work for them or what ever the job may be, yyyyYYYAAAYYyyy. I mean What ever you can do to help is great but, you never get what your worth. its different when you go help someone on the side of the road or really in need of help. yes, i actually do that.  one case a guy just needed to barrow my tools for a few minutes and take apart his valve heads. anyways,  i never like to brag or boast about myself but, i have to in a way on here so you know where i’m coming from and some of my skills. I can “multi-think”, is what i call it cause my vocab is small and i don’t have the best grammar, i can’t spell for crap, and to top it off i finger type so, i can think of a few things at the same time, usually when i’m fixing something. i will think of something i have to make and i will do several parts to the project at once, comes in handy when trouble shooting something, get my drift?

George Robles

Now that I have said something about myself you can also check me out on google+:

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Okay, the GT2560…………………

was good….

It needed a splitter on the z axis, and they revised it and came out with the GT2560 Rev A with a second slot for the z axis pins

and then there where many people with the firmware that worked all except for the extruders.

Messages where sent and things where resolved with changing the firmware.

I had posted firmware that was not tested by me. I apologize if it was just not working.

Here is firmware for the GT2560 Pro B single extruder setup,

GT2560 Pro B

Here is firmware for the GT2560 Pro C dual extruder setup,

GT2560 Pro C


This is the Firmware I am testing for own my setup and includes the following enabled features;

  1. Auto-level/Auto-Tramming. 3-point now, grid in the next version.
  2. Thermal Runaway protection for the bed and extruder
  3. Enabled PID settings on heat bed.
  4. I have added the pins for analog to use a filament sensor. See my YouTube video here for that.

I have corrected the following;

  1. The direction of the encoder wheel is now CW to increase instead of CCW.
  2. I added GT2560 to the marlin firmware.
  3. I have added the correct PID (general) settings for the bed and extruder for these type of printers. Its close not exact.
  4. I have soldered on a solid copper wire to Analog pin 5 on the GT2560 to add the filament sensor.
  5. I have ordered a Filament Sensor which have all files even to make the PCB and even the code for the 8 bit mcu. I have been testing the sensor with a volt meter and it works quite well. I paid $60.00 and ordered it from here. Shipping was included. I only had to print out the case, he provided the the sensor board already setup to use right away. It even had the 4 screws needed to assemble the case together and a piece of drill rod to calibrate the sensor. Three case designs work at the moment. One for 3mm, one for 1.75mm filament, and one for a filament extruder. I am surprised actually that this has not caught on more. Was it price? Availability? For me, $60.00 bucks was pricey but i feel well worth it.

I am currently testing the firmware and the filament sensor. Finally!

This is the firmware that I am currently testing with all that is listed above.

GT2560 Rev A Single MK8